Saturday, January 30, 2010

Rotaract - Fellowship Through Service

HELLO PEOPLE ... This is the story of how I bumped into Rotaract. I was exposed to Rotaract when i was 19 +. Befooooooooooore this ...

When i 1st entered PFS, i joined the interact club for a wrong reason alongside my close friend, Alvin Chong. We thought that Interact club is a club for interacting with girls and people. Slowly we were exposed to the true meaning of Interact which actually mean INTERnational ACTion. So as the President of Interact Club of PFS or also known as INTERFREEZE, me and my fellow interactors strived on to change people's perspective towards Interact. Me and my fellow interactors, made a couple of improvements such as the revival of ICC and also the right way of organizing an IU day =)

Anyways, after i left Form 6, i joined the Rotaract Club of Penang. Before i was inducted, i attended 2 activities Oraganized by the Rotary and Rotaract of District 3300. 1st was the Rotaract Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) camp that was held in OutwardBound School Lumut. The 2nd one was the District Conference that was held in Port Dickson. (I will be doing seperate posting on the 2 events)

So basically what i learn in this 2 events is how to START to be a succesful person in life. Lots of things in hand, time management, leadership, courage, dream ... but most importantly is never give up. Do what you think is right, do not listen to what people have to say bout you because once you start to do that, it will never end. my favourite qoute : YOU CAN NEVER PLEASE THE WOLRD tm.

But, why do i say that Rotaract is one of the best platform to start your path ? it is because, in Rotaract you are not only dealing with adults but also with all the successful people that can give you so much advice in any sense. Besides that, it is also a good way to build your network with all this successful people that is around Malaysia.

Now just imagine this, with a proper education and a well performance in Rotaract, what do you think your odds of getting a job in one of those Rotarians company ? Its like, an automatic pass to a huge choices of jobline. If you can do it in Rotaract, what is stopping you in your career ? And in Rotaract, you are actually performing under the noses of the fellow ROTARIANS, would'nt that be a huge advantage ?

So my fellow friends, i will say no more but if possible, do try to be a guest in a Rotaract Club to see how the club is run and organized. If interested, by all means do join us. But remember, Rotaract is about Fun, learning and serving the community... "it is also a privilege, You only join if you have the time and effort to spend on it" quoted by DRN Sanjeev Kumar.

That's all for my sharing experience... Me and my fellow Rotaract team will keep this blog updated as much as possible on our projects, activities and events or even any interesting topics that we would love to share.

Cheers People,
Nicholas Goh

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