Saturday, January 30, 2010

RAC Penang's 36th Installation - 18/07/09

Saturday - 6 pm, reach Hotel Royal with Dylan Tan. started the preparation for the evening for i am the Organizing Chairman (OC) of the RAC Penang's 36th Installation. Had to make sure the table arrangment was okay, stage, PA system was handled by alvin and basically make sure everything was in place.

7 pm, arrival of guest and friends. There were rotaractors from KL side, Interactors from various school and also Rotarians. At 7 50 pm, the event was officially opened. We started of with a speech by the emcee but not long later, there was a BLACKOUT and we can hear gunshots. The EMCEE was killed !!!!! however, he returned back as a ghost to continue hosting the event. 6 envelopes were found and they are clues to 'who killed the emcee - leow leik hong'

The 'Ghost' MC ... Leow Leik Hong

My OC Speech

Dinner is served ..

Trying to solve the 1st clue ...

Soon, the clue was solved and i was the murderer... however i will not go down to prison alone !!! because this is not my plan !!! A master mind was behind all this and he blackmailed me to do so or my 'DEEP DARK SECRET' will be revealed !!! the mastermind's clue is in a pendrive and i took a sip of water before i explain further. however, the water was poisoned and i 'died' before revealing the mastermind.

There were 3 files in the pendrive that will tell everyone the reason i was murdered and the blackmail. However, a game must be played first before the password to this files are given.
The objective of the game is to get an item and put it through the guys pants n make it 'travel' up till the guys neck and pull it out ... UNCLEAR ??? see the photos below ... hahaha

See what the girls are doing ?

Ready ???

Look at Yan Mei's hand ... hahaha

Int. Ji Xiang having the time of his life !!!

The losing team ...

AND THE PUNISHMENT WAS TO BLOW 30 BALLOONS IN 2 MINUTES ... but they out smarted us...
Blowing the balloon !!!

like blowing some flower petals !!!

Fun time is over (for now) and its time for some formality ...

Alvin, Me and Alice reading the induction charge.

The New Club Service Director ... ME =)

President Boon Siew giving his speech...

RAC Penang's New team ...

Chung Ling and Heng Ee Interactors

SGGS interactors ...

PFS interactors ...

The file was revealed and i murdered the MC because the mastermind had a video of 'A drunken fella kissing me during DRA' and my diary stating that i am starting to feel confuse !!! *STRICTLY FOR ACTING PURPOSES ONLY ... I AM VERY STRAIGHT AND INTO SOME1 RIGHT NOW !!!* a final coded clue was given in my diary stating the characteristic of the MASTERMIND and it can only be decoded by using morse codes.

Finally The Mastermind was revealed and he is non other than JAMES ONG !!!! hahahahaha
a final toast by PP Jefferson to the guest and thanking them and then it was SAYONARA and see you all next year !!!

SGGS and CLHS interactors

PFS, SGGS, me and CLHS interactors

The Leng Zhais !

After that, the 'post-installation' activity was taken over by PP Jacky and i made my way to BON ODORI !!!!

Closing Shop


- proof -

BON ODORI was so FUN !!!! i really enjoyed myself =p

but then, there werent any friends left over there so i made my way to QE2 to meet up with Lennard, Dylan, JX, Louis, Ah Yang, Celia and Kia Ju ...

We released some stress by enjoying our self on the dance floor before we headed home ...
Installation is over ... Lets focus and get ready for the upcoming event =)

- The End -
By Nicholas G.

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